Zoning Hearings

Planning & Zoning Committee Hearings

November 16, 2023     (posted when available)
The Next Planning & Zoning Meeting will be December 21, 2023 at 3:00 pm

Hearing Documents and Agendas

   Planning & Zoning Hearings Scheduled for 11-16-2023

       2023-13-CU-CAFO Midway Dairy Declo

   Planning & Zoning Hearings Scheduled for 12-21-2023

       2023-14-CU Intermax Tower - Shawn Hurst Cell Tower

Board of County Commissioners Hearings (re: Recommendation of Planning & Zoning Commission)

      2023-08-CUP_Malta Land_Livestock

      Recommendation to BoCC from Planning & Zoning

 Notices and Hearings