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Alcoholic License

Beer, Liquor and Wine Licenses - One application for all Retail Alcoholic Beverage Licenses.

  • Requirements:
    • You must get your state license FIRST, and provide us with a copy to the County Recorder's Office before a county or city license can be issued: Idaho State Alcoholic Beverage Control
    • Beer and liquor license applications are approved at the weekly meetings of the Commissioners held on Mondays. Each applicant is also subject to a law enforcement investigation. This process could take as long as two weeks to get approval. Please allow sufficient time before your current license expires.
    • Please pick up your application form beforehand and bring in the completed application form. 
  • Beer License Fees 
    • $25.00 - Bottled or Canned Beer not to be consumed on the premises
    • $75.00 - Bottled or Canned Beer to be consumed on the premises
    • $100.00 - Draft Beer, Bottled Beer, and Canned Beer
  • Liquor License Fees 
    • $187.50 - Burley
    • $75.00 - Albion, Declo, Malta, Oakley & Recreation Parks
  • Wine License Fees 
    • $100.00 Wine - bottled for retail
    • $100.00 Wine - to be sold by the drink.
  • Application

Idaho Alcohol Catering Permit 

  • Requirements 
    • License holder must apply in person.
    • A copy of the state license.
    • The fee for a catering permit is $20.00 per day (limit 3 days).
    • After licensee fills out and signs the permit, it will be submitted to the Cassia County Sheriff and Cassia County Board of Commissioners for their approval.
    • Please allow at least two (2) weeks to process.

Transfer of Alcohol License 


Elsa Velasquez, Deputy Recorder
1459 Overland Ave, Rm 105
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Phone: (208) 878-5240