Voter Registration

Register to Vote 

To register and vote, you must: 

  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Be a resident of Idaho and Cassia County for thirty (30) days preceding the election.
  • Have reached eighteen (18) years of age

 You are not eligible to vote if you have been: 

  • Convicted of a felony and your rights have not been restored.
    • Persons convicted of felonies in Idaho or other states or jurisdictions shall be allowed to register and vote in Idaho upon final discharge which means satisfactory completion of imprisonment, probation and parole as the case may be. [§34-1003(3,4), Idaho Code]

 You need to register again if you have: 

  • Changed your name
  • Moved to a different address
  • Not voted within the last four (4) years

You may register to vote online by going to

You may register to vote by mail or in person at: 

Cassia County Clerk 
Cassia County Courthouse
Elections Department
1459 Overland Avenue, Room 105
Burley, ID 83318

Idaho Voter Registration Form.pdf


In Idaho we also have same day registration, which gives you the privilege to register on Election Day. In order to register and vote on Election Day you must:

1. Appear in person

2. Have one (1) of the following forms of Photo Identification.

a)    A current driver’s license or identification card issued pursuant to title 49, Idaho Code;
b)    A current passport or other identification card issued by an agency of the United States government;
c)    A current tribal identification card; or
d)    A current license or enhanced license to carry concealed weapons issued under section 18-3302, Idaho Code, or section 18-3302K, Idaho Code.

3. Have one (1) of the following forms of residence verification.  

i.    Any form of photo identification listed above with your current address on it;
ii.    A current proof of insurance;
iii.    A deed of trust, mortgage, or lease or rental agreement;
iv.    A property tax assessment, bill, or receipt;
v.    A utility bill, excluding a cellular telephone bill;
vi.    A bank or credit card statement;
vii.    A paystub, paycheck, or government-issued check;
viii.    An intake document from a residential care or assisted living facility licensed pursuant to the provisions of chapter 33, title 39, Idaho Code;
ix.    Enrollment papers issued for the current school year by a high school or an accredited institution of higher education located within the state of Idaho; or A communication on letterhead from a public or private social service agency registered with the secretary of state verifying the applicant is homeless and attesting to the applicant’s residence for registration purposes. [§34-411, Idaho Code]

Contact the Elections Office if you have questions.