Administrative Fees

  Zoning & Development  


Administrative Land Division$250.00
Agricultural Siting$75.00
Boundary Line Adjustment$40.00
CAFO$1200/ + $.25/ au
Comprehensive Plan Amendment Text$700.00
Comprehensive Plan Amendment Map$900.00
Conditional Use Permit$600.00
Petition to Amend Ordinance$500.00
Preliminary Development Plan (PUD)$700.00 + $10.00/Lot
Final Development Plan (PUD)$250.00
Subdivision – Minor$500.00
Subdivision – Standard$700.00+$10.00/lot
Temporary Dwelling Permit$100.00
Waste Management System Amendment$250.00
Zoning District AmendmentBase fee$1200 +

Less than 11 Acres add$250.00 fee

11 to 320 Acres add$6.00/acre

320 to 640 Acres add$4.00/acre

640 or more Acres add$2.00/acre
Right of Way Permit$500.00 Deposit Required, $50.00 Permit Fee

 Building Department        

Building Permit = calculated based on square footage, and IBC 2003 Valuation Table 1
Plan Review-Residential$200.00
Plan Review-Commercial$500.00
Floodplain Development Permit$25.00
MFH Placement FeeSingle Section$150.00


Concrete FoundationPer sq. ft.