Public Defender

The Mini-Cassia Public Defender Office is a joint county office for both Minidoka and Cassia Counties.  The office is staffed with licensed attorneys who provide legal services by court appointment only.  Advice and court representation is free of charge for those unable to retain private counsel.

Cassia County Public Defender's Office 
1521 Overland Avenue - P.O. Box 188 - Burley, ID 83318
Phone  : (208) 878-6801
Hours  : 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday
Map to Office

The following website provides useful information about who is being held in the Mini-Cassia jail, and includes the cases the inmates are held on and the bond amounts: Note that $0.0 may the person is being held for a probation violation with no option of release on bond (a "no bond hold"), it may mean the person is serving a sentence, or it may simply say $0.0 for one count because another count for the same case states the actual bond amount set. Looking into the court filings may be necessary to know the actual details of the bond. If a person received an "OR" release, this refers to a release on the person's own recognizance. "Recognizance" means an agreement, so the person was released not because of a bond payment, but because he or she agreed to show up to court hearings and possibly to certain other conditions of release ordered by the judge, such as drug testing.

Below is the Mini-Cassia Public Defender and the employees of this office:

Timothy J. Schneider
Mini-Cassia Public Defender

timothyschneider .jpg


Joseph F. Hurley
Chief Deputy Public Defender

Steven R. Edwards
Deputy Public Defender

Marilyn Paul
Deputy Public Defender


Rose Kincaid
Office Manager


Chalena Leone
Legal Secretary

Jessica Hodge
Legal Secretary

Erika Gonzalez
Legal Secretary

Sara Goni
Legal Secretary / Spanish Interpreter