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Phone Numbers
(208) 878-7351
Fax: (208) 878-1010
Emergencies: Dial 911
1559 Overland Ave

Magistrate Court

Magistrate Court Includes:

  • Electronic Filings
  • Traffic Fines & Traffic Court
  • Small Claims
  • Probate: Estates, Wills, Trusts, Adoptions
  • Juvenile Court
  • Citations

Electronic Filings

  • All court filings must be done electronically
  • E-Filling contact:

CITATIONS are paid through the Magistrate Division

For information on fines, or court appearance, please call (208)878-7351 or email

If you wish to plead not guilty on your citation, fill in the back of your copy and send it to the address below, a court date will be mailed to you.

You must appear on that date or further action may be taken as well as a warrant may be issued for your arrest. We are willing to help any way we can...please feel free to call.

Cassia County Judicial Center 
1559 Overland Ave - Burley ID 83318
Phone: (208) 878-7351
Fax: (208) 878-1010

Clerk of the Court 
Joseph W. Larsen
Cassia County Clerk / Auditor / Recorder