Cassia County utilizes the following Equipment:

  • ES&S ExpressVote: a universal voting system that combines paper-based voting with touch screen technology for Election Day in precincts. As a universal voting system, ExpressVote allows all voters, including those with special needs, cast their ballots privately and autonomously.
  • ES&S DS300: this Poll Place Scanner & Tabulator combines the best attributes of a paper-based ballot system with the flexibility and efficiency of the latest digital-image technology. ES&S newest purpose-built scanner and tabulator, the DS300, seamlessly supports all poll place ballot scanning and tabulation from early voting through Election Day. The DS300 can also serve as a tabulator for absentee voting and during recounts and audits. The New DS300 offers 60% faster scanning speeds, 4.5x faster report printing, Pick-resistant locks recessed for more effective placement of tamper-evident seals and a new ballot box with improved stability during transport.
  • ES&S DS450: a high-throughput digital scanner and tabulator ensures ballots are read accurately, consistently and quickly. It can sort 72 14-inch double-sided ballots in one minute.
  • Tenex Solutions Electronic Pollbook: an iPad-based electronic poll book that modernizes the traditional paper poll books. By seamlessly connecting to digital voter registration records, it efficiently captures voter signatures, identifies each voter's specific ballot style, and detects ineligible voters. It prioritizes the security of all voter data, ensuring confidentiality through robust encryption measures.

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